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World's first! Automatic observation and imaging robot SID-1Ⓡ and UFO incidents in the world
Wednesday, June 8, 2022
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Today's content
Today's content:

I. World's first! Automatic observation and imaging robot SID-1Ⓡ
II. UFO incidents in the world

I. Automatic observation and imaging device Robot SID-1®
Even at this time, SID-1 continues to make automatic observations with its "lens that never sleeps".

The Space Phenomenon Observatory Center (SPOC) intends to actively supplement and record various mysterious phenomena and objects occurring in the universe and in the air, especially UFOs and UAPs. This is the first attempt in the world established in Japan. Since it is an automatic observation and recording robot, there can be no misunderstanding by humans.

Since the start of observation, the constructed automatic observation and imaging device robot SID-1 automatically detects and records objects and phenomena that move in space and in the air, such as UFOs and UAPs. I would like to introduce some.

The simplified version of SID-1 can be moved and installed, so it can be observed anywhere in the world. I have been shooting in Canada, Alaska, Egypt, USA, Vietnam, Cambodia and so on.

SID-1® also supports extraterrestrial civilization exploration

The latest research on exploration of extraterrestrial civilization estimates that there are more than 100 million planets like the Earth in our galaxy alone. Furthermore, there are more than several trillion such galaxies throughout the universe. If there are so many galaxies and there are a huge number of planets where life like the earth can naturally be born, it is no wonder that there are intelligent aliens like various living things on the earth Researchers take it seriously.

Many researchers believe that the search for extraterrestrial civilization is a wonderful quest for humanity as a whole.

Aliens are no longer the product of imagination, and people and scientists around the world are now seriously spending their large budgets looking for extraterrestrial life.

Rapid progress in astronomical observation methods and technology has exploded the number of planets in the habitable zone where terrestrial life forms that may have liquid water can exist.
Scientists are interested in extraterrestrial life, how to find out if there are aliens, and focus on how to communicate, trying to become a huge movement.

For example, prominent astronomer Abi Loeb, who was the director of astronomy at Harvard University in the United States, said that extraterrestrial intellectual life has already arrived, and we are not special. There are many extraterrestrial civilizations and you just need to find them. I am saying.

*Assuming that extraterrestrial intellectual life has sent spacecraft around the earth, there is also a scientific research field that searches and shoots areas near the earth, the atmosphere, and the air
where they may be deployed.

This is SID-1® at our Space Phenomenon Observatory Center (SPOC).
I hope it helps scientific research.

II. UFO incidents around the world
Also, I would like to introduce the UFO incidents around the world.
As a recent topic, a hearing was held in the US Congress for the firsttime in half a century.
A subcommittee of the US House of Representatives Information Task Force held a historic parliamentary hearing on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 on the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP). "It's unexplained, but it's real. It's important to make sure you record as much information as possible
about an unexplained phenomenon. You need to investigate." Andre Carson, Chairman of the Sub-Committee, emphasized:

Prior to this, a UFO video released by the US Department of Defense inApril 2020 was released.
It was a big fuss with the release of three images of UFOs taken by Navy aircraft in 2004 and 2015.

In Japan, the Japanese Fisheries Agency's research vessel Kaiyo Maru encountered a UFO twice and was introduced in science. It was big news.

A UFO incident in which multiple elementary school students landed in a vineyard in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture. This was also a big fuss, and research is still ongoing.

There was an incident in which a Japan Airlines cargo plane encountered a UFO over Alaska, USA. This was also a fuss, but the information washidden.

I will also introduce the case in Myanmar.

On the Takeshi Kitano show. Takeshi Kitano said, "This is amazing! This is amazing!" And Professor Otsuki (UFO denial)said, "Finally, a decent thing has come out. Today's level is high!" Kazushige Nagashima(UFO denial) said, "This is. It's a UFO! "

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